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Looking for end game main


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Yeah, I'm looking for an end game main, have plenty of money to spend on it.


Due to low reputation, I will be spending 07 gp. Meaning I don't want people with 5 feedback to be coming up to me with a beautiful account, because if I'm giving you hundreds of millions of gp, your 5 positive feedback won't mean anything to me.


So basically I'm looking for trusted people, however if someone who's not too trusted is willing to do paypal, that's cool too.


By endgame I mean level 120+ with good stats. I don't care about untradeables, but I care about the stats. If you have an account like this, post a link or inbox me.

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Stats and stuff are pretty updated, total level increased by 100 now, (higher RC, herblore, agility (full graceful) and few others)



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