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How to avoid fresh account's from getting banned?


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Soooo i'm facing a small problem here.rolleyes.gif 

My new accounts get banned with much less botting than the old ones which do suicide tier hours a day.

How do i avoid that? Like i usually bot a little CB for them, then the gathering skill which i want to bot.
However almost everytime i find them getting banned the next day or something.dry.png 

Should i like avoid botting the gathering skill and just do random stuff for a week before going to that?ohmy.png 

TL;DR: New acc's getting banned, what's your method of avoiding that? unsure.png

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idk of this works, but it works for me:


When i traded the stuff to my bot accounts, im letting them to cool down for like 4-7 days.

Than im going to make them member/start botting.


When you trade stuff the account and start them right a way with botting, its suspicious..


Try alot of things out, and see what works for you :)

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There is no way of telling that you wont get banned, yes of course more less obvious botting will be likely the key though.

Some people wait 3 days before botting, and also skip botting Monday/Tuesday (I also did this and it worked sometimes), others go for 9 quest points, and some just do random other skills to mix it up and seem less bot like along with playing non-bot like hours (suiciding) 

It's completely down to you, as it depends what type of goal you have in mind, remember if you're using the same IP to create accounts and bot on them they are most likely going to get shut down and banned a lot quicker due to an IP flag.

What's up mondays and tuesdays rolleyes.gif  got 4 bans on both days.

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