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This person hasnt scammed me but to cut a long story short i was helping them in chat on how to set up a services thread and i offered him a job myself which he was happy to accept, I created a fresh account, bonded it and rushed to 43 prayer and after a few days of asking when he would be able to start i gave up (my own fault and a lesson learnt). A few days later they message me on skype asking if i can get skins? (no idea, i know its another game thing) i ignored him as i thought "f you" and today i decided to check if he was active still on the site and when i found his thread i remembered he had an order and of course his FB had gone down because it seems he has taken the money and run. I have also messaged his victim to report it here.

Him half accepting my job and me warning him about multiple accounts

Both of his accounts

His FB

I dont know what happened with his order but when i asked ROI he blocked me on skype

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Don't know why I got the warning, i wanted him to do a service for me so I payed for that. After a week he only did like 2 of the 15 quests so I asked for a refund wich i still didn't recieve..

I warned you so you could be alerted to this, it can be removed. Could you provide evidence of this so we can get you refunded!

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As you can see here some screenies of the skype chat, he hasn't refunded yet but he is saying that he will do it friday.. (i dont really trust him so.. it may be a way to earn some more time or something?)


I ordered his service 1,5 week ago wich was 40-70 ranged and mithril gloves, he only got like 4 quests of the mithril gloves and didn't even start on ranged. Someone else (a friend on my) got me mithril gloves now and is working on ranged.


I don't think i have more evidence than this.

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