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Spaxxii's Questing service!


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So im gona start do some questing service, since i know many HATE to do quests, while i love almost all of em! :)

but since i im more or less new on this forum only tried out some bot scripts left some progress and details about it, i lack on feedbacks, so most of you prob wont trust me and im a litel slow to understand how to get feedbacks for services if no one want my help?

so from today i will start to take questing services, those quests i find easy/fun to do will i do for FREE other quests i find a bit more anoying will i take a small payment for, ( i can take the payment AFTER completed your quest )

so i dont know much more to say then i hope some ppl give me a chanse to grow in the comunity as a questing man!

if you feel intrested pm or add my skype @ Sweetsebbi

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