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Fresh Level 3 Accounts (tutorial done)


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Welcome to my tutorial account topic!


First of all, you need to know that those accounts are botted! But before i sell them, they are 2-3 days old. That is why the prices are lower than the hand made accounts!



The prices


1-4 Accounts:                  120k 07 each

5-9 Accounts:                  110k 07 each

10-24 Accounts:               100k 07 each

25+ Accounts:                  85k 07 each


I make the accounts, so i am the first owner of all the accounts!


The Stock:



The Tos:


  • Unless you are trusted, you go first or a MM.
  • Im not responsible for any ban after the trade. Because you know they are botted.
  • An order can be denied
  • You must leave a feedback after the trade


The form:


How much accounts:

You added me on skype:

Your skype:

Accepting the tos:

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