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Botting 10 accounts, different IPs on same PC


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April 27th: I now have my new private script and everything is running smoothly. Due to cpu usage I'm only able to run 7 bots at once, but that still earns me a total of almost 1,2m / hour. The bots are low skill requirement and low maintenance, which is important to me. Maybe I should be getting that vps for expanding soon? Each bot nets me over 100m / month. I will do my final update in a week and tell you how much gold I've managed to sell.

EDIT: Just experienced my first chain ban. GG Jagex.


April 21st: My stage 2 bots were banned some time ago due to bugs in the script, but that's been resolved. Currently moving forward using the f2p method. I will soon have the other p2p script.


April 12th: The project continues. I'm now saving up for another private script, this time for another p2p method. I'll hopefully have that up and running within 2 weeks.


March 23rd: Things are progressing slowly. I only have 1-1½h a day to manage the farm and I've been busy on the weekends lately. I've bought an account and I will be testing new moneymaking methods with it. 


March 14th: I've reached the milestone of selling my first batch of gold. Feels nice.


March 11th: 3 bots are now in phase two. The income is much greater now and more bots will thus move faster to the second stage. The accounts are on cooldown until I get them bonds. I'm planning on getting a vps to expand. I dream of having 10-12 bots earning 200-250k/hr. Botting them around 8 hours a day would get me to my goal of 500 €/month


March 8th: I'm pleasantly surprised none of my accounts has been banned yet even after botting for 36 hours straight (with short breaks). One account has now moved to P2P and is being prepared for phase two. Two more accounts will follow today if I have time. I don't know yet what the exact GP/h is for the p2p method, but either way it's a substantial increase from f2p. I'm approximating 5-6 times more.

March 6th: I finally have the script I desire. Botting may once again commence! The script I got is a no-requirements money making script that I use for basic income. That income will then be invested into higher paying methods. Now let's see how they manage. My current goal is to make 400-500m in a month.

February 28th: In the past few days I haven't had decent access to the Internet and so I haven't been able to run my babies. I will start again starting tonight.

Feruary 24th: 3 bots were banned yesterday but I had trouble with a buggy script. 5 bots have now been running 11-12 hours. Today will show if they get banned during the day. My proxy method seems to be working so far since I haven't seen a chain ban. Will update again in a few days after my lasik surgery.

February 22nd: 10/10 accounts alive after botting combat levels 16-22. I will move them over to fishing and see how that goes.

EDIT: I will update this tomorrow and inform you how many bans I've received. I will keep updating.

I don't know why the image format isn't allowed, so here's the link to imgur: Fixed.


Each account is bound to the same world to stay anonymous, but for my purposes at the moment that's OK.

If someone has a better way to do it, I'd love to hear it.

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gg leaked method


edit: wait cant u just do it with the osbot client? unless ur using mirror or something

The problem is each client only supports one proxy and havibg 10 separate clients consumes tons of CPU.

You better be getting another 10 bonds.

These are all F2P accounts. I'm still in the process of trying the limits.

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oh god i hope your not using 10 proxies on f2p accounts

They're fresh accounts, I'm not buying bonds before I see how far they get.

i dont see how that makes a difference, unless your talking about random.dat and cache or whatever.

Yeah, aren't proxies just for that? The last digits of the ip adress is for the computer. :xy :yy and so on for your local network.

Edit: Unless you are talking about something else.

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