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LoL Account Sale - 2k Spent on Skins


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I'm selling my League of Legends account with over USD$ 2,000 in skins!


The trade will be done through OSBot using a highly trusted middleman


Here is a full list of skins: (rare skins coloured in cyan)


Justicar Aatrox 
Midnight Ahri 
Foxfire Ahri 
Stinger Akali 
Crimson Akali 
All-star Akali 
Nurse Akali 
Matador Alistar 
Unchained Alistar 
Sweeper Alistar 
Vancouver Amumu 
Re-gifted Amumu 
Sad Robot Amumu 
Team Spirit Anivia 
Bird of Prey Anivia 
Noxus Hunter Anivia 
Blackfrost Anivia 
Red Riding Annie 
Annie in Wonderland 
Prom Queen Annie 
FrankenTibbers Annie 
Panda Annie 
Sherwood Forest Ashe 
Queen Ashe 
Goalkeeper Blitzcrank 
Definitely Not Blitzcrank 
Riot Blitzcrank 
Apocalyptic Brand 
Vandal Brand 
Zombie Brand 
Safari Caitlyn 
Headhunter Caitlyn 
Siren Cassiopeia 
Jade Fang Cassiopeia 
Nightmare Cho'Gath 
Gentleman Cho'Gath 
Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath 
Ice Toboggan Corki 
Urfrider Corki 
Dragonwing Corki 
Fnatic Corki 
Lord Darius 
Bioforge Darius 
Dunkmaster Darius 
Dark Valkyrie Diana 
Toxic Dr. Mundo 
Mundo Mundo 
TPA Dr. Mundo 
Soul Reaver Draven 
Death Blossom Elise 
Masquerade Evelynn 
Tango Evelynn 
Nottingham Ezreal 
Striker Ezreal 
Frosted Ezreal 
Explorer Ezreal 
Pulsefire Ezreal 
TPA Ezreal 
Debonair Ezreal 
Spectral Fiddlesticks 
Union Jack Fiddlesticks 
Pumpkinhead Fiddlesticks 
Dark Candy Fiddlesticks 
Nightraven Fiora 
Headmistress Fiora 
Tundra Fizz 
Fisherman Fizz 
Enchanted Galio 
Spooky Gangplank 
Minuteman Gangplank 
Toy Solider Gangplank 
Sultan Gangplank 
Sanguine Garen 
Desert Troop Garen 
Commando Garen 
Dreadknight Garen 
Scuba Gragas 
Hillbilly Gragas 
Santa Gragas 
Gragas, Esq. 
Vandal Gragas 
Superfan Gragas 
Fnatic Gragas 
Jailbreak Graves 
Mafia Graves 
Riot Graves 
Blood Knight Hecarim 
Headless Hecarim 
Arcade Hecarim 
Nightblade Irelia 
Aviator Irelia 
Frostblade Irelia 
Frost Queen Janna 
Fnatic Janna 
Darkforde Jarvan IV 
Fnatic Jarvan IV 
The Mighty Jax 
Angler Jax 
Temple Jax 
Nemesis Jax 
SKT T1 Jax 
Debonair Jayce 
Mafia Jinx 
Sakura Karma 
Statue of Karthus 
Fnatic Karthus 
Festival Kassadin 
Harbinger Kassadin 
Mercenary Katarina 
Red Card Katarina 
Kitty Cat Katarina 
Slay Belle Katarina 
Unmasked Kayle 
Battleborn Kayle 
Riot Kayle 
Swamp Master Kennen 
Karate Kennen 
Kennen M.D. 
Mecha Kha'Zix 
Reindeer Kog'Maw 
Jurassic Kog'Maw 
Wicked LeBlanc 
Mistletoe LeBlanc 
Traditional Lee Sin 
Acolyte Lee Sin 
Dragon Fist Lee Sin 
Muay Thai Lee Sin 
Pool Party Lee Sin 
SKT T1 Lee Sin 
Iron Solari Leona 
Bloostone Lissandra 
Hired Gun Lucian 
Striker Lucian 
Bittersweet Lulu 
Dragon Trainer Lulu 
Winter Wonder Lulu 
Sorceress Lux 
Spellthief Lux 
Imperial Lux 
Steel Legion Lux 
Marble Malphite 
Glacial Malphite 
Shadow Prince Malzahar 
Totemic Maokai 
Festive Maokai 
Haunted Maokai 
Goalkeeper Maokai 
Chosen Master Yi 
Waterloo Miss Fortune 
Secret Agent Miss Fortune 
Candy Cane Miss Fortune 
Road Warrir Miss Fortune 
Dragon Knight Mordekasier 
Infernal Mordekasier 
Blade Mistress Morgana 
Blackthorn Morgana 
Victorious Morgana 
River Spirit Nami 
Pharoah Nasus 
Riot K-9 Nasus 
Snow Bunny Nidalee 
Pharoah Nidalee 
Bewitching Nidalee 
Headhunter Nidalee 
Frozen Terror Nocturne 
Void Nocturne 
Haunting Nocturne 
Eternum Nocturne 
Sasquatch Nunu 
Workshop Nunu 
Grungy Nunu 
TPA Nunu 
Gothic Orianna 
TPA Orianna 
Full Metal Pantheon 
Blacksmith Poppy 
Ragdoll Poppy 
Ninja Rammus 
Pool Party Renekton 
Headhunter Rengar 
Redeemed Riven 
Battle Bunny Riven 
Rumble in the Jungle 
Tribal Ryze 
Uncle Ryze 
Zombie Ryze 
Dark Drystal Ryze 
Pirate Ryze 
Bear Cavalry Sejuani 
Masked Shaco 
Frozen Shen 
Yellow Jacket Shen 
Warlord Shen 
TPA Shen 
Ice Drake Shyvana 
Championship Shyvana 
Mad Scientist Singed 
Augmented Singed 
Snow Day Singed 
Barbarian Sion 
Lumberjack Sion 
PAX Sivir 
Snowstorm Sivir 
Victorious Sivir 
Sandscourge Skarner 
Earthrune Skarner 
Silent Night Sona 
Celestine Soraka 
Northern Frost Swain 
Justicar Syndra 
Atlantean Syndra 
Renegade Talon 
Crimson Elite Talon 
Dragonblade Talon 
Emerald Taric 
Armor of the Fifth Age Taric 
Happy Elf Teemo 
Badger Teemo 
Cottontail Teemo 
Super Teemo 
Panda Teemo 
Deep Terror Thresh 
Championship Thresh 
Riot Girl Teemo 
Earnest Elf Tristana 
Firefighter Tristana 
Guerilla Tristana 
Buccaneer Tristana 
Rocket Girl Tristana 
Lil' Slugger Trundle 
Highland Tryndamere 
Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere 
Musketeer Twisted Fate 
Underworld Twisted Fate 
Red Card Twisted Fate 
Kingpin Twitch 
Whistler Village Twitch 
Medieval Twitch 
Gangster Twitch 
Vandal Twitch 
Spirit Guard Udyr 
Butcher Urgot 
Arclight Varus 
Arctic Ops Varus 
Vindicator Vayne 
Dragonslayer Vayne 
SKT T1 Vayne 
Gurling Veigar 
Leprechaun Veigar 
Bad Santa Veigar 
Battlecast Vel'Koz 
Neon Strike Vi 
Prototype Viktor 
Creator Viktor 
Marquis Vladimir 
Nosferatu Vladimir 
Vandal Vladimir 
Thunder Lord Volibear 
Grey Warwick 
Big Bad Warwick 
Firefang Warwick 
Volcanic Wukong 
Jade Dragon Wukong 
Battlecast Xerath 
Scorched Earth Xerath 
Commando Xin Zhao 
Winged Hussar Xin Zhao 
Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao 
High Noon Yasuo 
Undertaker Yorick 
Pentakill Yorick 
Special Weapon Zac 
Shockblade Zed 
SKT T1 Zed 
Mad Scientist Ziggs 
Major Ziggs 
Pool Party Ziggs 
Snow Day Ziggs 
Old Saint Zilean 
Shurima Desert Zilean 
Wildfire Zyra 
Haunted Zyra 
SKT T1 Zyra

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Region / Current Rank / Last season rank/previous details/ what you'll recieve (recovery details)

Region: OCE

Current Rank: Unranked

Last season rank: Gold S5, Plat S4

Details you'll receive:

Account owner ID to prove that I am the account owner

Registered email set to yours

Living address of account creator

Telephone number used during registration

Account owners date of birth


Any other recovery details you may need can be provided (these are all the details I could think of)

ill like to buy this pm or skype me.


My skype is: ospipidaga

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