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obby help?


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So I just got 1/60/1 with 49 hp at 32 combat and I just have a couple questions on what I should be doing here for my obby.


What's the main weapons I should be training with to get my strength up? and what are the max possible stats I should get in range/mage/hp?


What the main weapons and set up I should be wearing/using in pvp?


What are the main general quests I should complete?


Is 55 slayer needed? and/or are any untradeables needed? Halo.?



I'm a person that likes to complete everything and have a nice ass perfect account. let me know what your thoughts are and opinions on this..

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i would get slayer staff as it's the best 1 att weapon to train with. i have a halo on my obby. range warriors and maul every other slayer task.

does hp matter? like am i going for hp? or...

55 slayer, zammy book. halo, fcape (obv very expensive)

can i get all of these with 1 prayer and 1 attack?

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