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*Account service* handmade custom accounts, powerleveling!


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My Service:

  • Custom accounts
  • Powerleveling

Payment methods:

  • Skrill
  • Rs07 gp

How to order (please write):

  • What service do you need?
  • Payment method.
  • Your Skype.
  • Do you agree to the Terms Of Service?

Terms Of Service:

  • You will provide all information needed for the service.
  • You will pay upfront for your service or a middleman will be used at your expense
  • I have the right to decline any orders.
  • If I wont complete a service you will be refunded for what is left.
  • Any bans/mutes to the account(s) while doing services are not my responsibility.
  • You will not log in while a service is being done unless told you can.
  • You will leave feedback after completion of your order.
Add me on SKYPE: mudrlantik
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