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Price check on barrows glove zerker/void


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Hey guys I'm contemplating making an account would be 42-45 def pure fully quested barrows gloves zerker/void pure what you reckon would be worth approx stats would be

60-70 att

70-80 str

42-45 def

42-52 pray

70 mage

70 range

Please note this is a build would have barrows gloves so fully quested have lunar spell book and void and fc

What would you estimate this build at? Osrs cash only if I get reasonable replies and people interest will be looking to make a few

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definitely more than that.

even the fact that the account has Barrows gloves makes it high in price.

my guess would be 60-70m that's what i would pay if i needed the account


Spot on. I'd even say if he waits it out he could get 80m for such an account. Barrow gloves are probably the toughest part of making a zerker. 

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