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Dispute on Seers Village

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Disputed member: @Seers Village http://osbot.org/forum/user/95605-seers-village

Thread Link:http://osbot.org/forum/topic/78473-buying-starter-main-cheap/

Explanation: I bought this account in July. Spent countless hours getting the stats up getting even 99 herblore. Had over 200m worth of items on it. Unfortunately, received a minor ban on it. Shortly after that I stopped playing. Today I decided to get on the account and sell the gold I had for some IRL cash, unfortunately the login did not work. When I went to recover the account the email started with an m, which none of my emails do. So I filed a recovery attempt which was almost immediately denied. I noticed the IGN was changed from 1928 to B M N. I know the user isn't active on the forums but I would like to post this so any one else who purchased from him can secure their accounts and any wealth on them.

Evidence: I don't have much evidence simply because there isn't too much to gather from this. My thread and also feedback from him proves their was a trade. The skype logs are so old they aren't even there anymore




I can provide any additional evidence you may be interested in seeing. 



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