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A couple of things really


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Hi everyone I used to be here last year but when a load of my accounts got banned I spat my dummy out and well over a year later im back =]  just a couple of quick questions I wasn't able to find out the answers to using forum search.

​# To have multiple bots on multiple proxys do I just enter the details in the client and have multiple clients open?
​# The scripts I previously purchased are now no longer in my collection but im assuming they are no longer active?


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Ok i get the proxy thing and the scripts were:



Rooftop Agility

Tutorial island



​I also purchased czarminotaurs on the 8th of this month and used it that night and now that's gone =\



-not sure how active pito is nowadays

-same with the fudu, but there are a variety of AIO fishing scripts

-same as above, decent amount of agility scripts with rooftop supports

-there is a free tut island bot in the local section by explv

-not sure about  our cookers tbh

-there are a variety of combat scripts


as well, not sure about czarminotaurs, @Maldesto can maybe look into this bc ur purchase went thru on the 8th.

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