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Auto account maker

mr yorrack

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Not sure if this would be the correct place to put this but...

I have some experience with Selenium and in the past made a very rough, not fully working auto-account maker. 

I.e it would make a new email address and then make a runescape account and pause at the end screen so i cld write down username...

It was rough but saved a lot of time when i tried and failed to make a bot farm.

I was wondering a) if anyone wld be interested in me trying to make a flawless one.

b) would anyone be willing to pay me if i did (osgp preferably as my 10 def pure got dc'd for ags so im poor as fk and main has 2day ban from 70 agility and thus far no luck at sara).

c) if i did make the script and someone bought it, i would just sent them the selenium file (this would allow them to change email and password - script would then add random letters/numbers to the end of both). This would mean that as soon as say i gave it to one person - he cld then distripute it to as many other people as he liked (which wouldn't be ideal)- 

Would anyone be interested in this?


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