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Apply to work with me. A different kind of service provider.


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Morova's Service Application




Amount of free time per day:

Can you do Fire Capes? (1 def included):

Can you quest?:

Choose 2-3 days you cannot work:




You will pay an 8m deposit. 75% refundable if work has been done with no damages which has produced less than 10mil OSGP in commissions for the shop (or the equivalent monetary value). 100% refundable if work has been done totaling more than 10mil in commissions to the service. Each worker will have the option to specify 2 (2 day manditory) to 3 days (Monday, Saturday, etc.) in which they will not be available for work. These are to lessen the load. The service will operate much as any business; On a point system. I will include a list of point worthy infractions below. This service runs on a commission of a flat rate of 10% of the cost of the work you are appointed. Each task will be given a timeframe. In the event of the lack of a timeframe being given, the default frame of 72hours will come into play unless otherwise specified within 24 hours of being given the task. Failure to finish any task within the provide timeframe will result in a 500k penalty to the failing worker either in payment of their next task or deposit refund, whichever may apply. All paypal or other payment forms in which levy fees will be paid with the worker carrying the burden of fees. All activity must comply with the OSBot.org TOS.



Why YOU should choose to work with me:


First off, I will NEVER take exorbitant deposits, or commissions/cuts of the fruits of YOUR labor. The service operator serves as an intermediary between the worker and the buyer, and where other service operators seem to be oblivious to this fact, I will never take advantage of you. I will never try to cheat you out of your deposit or your hard earned money. You do the work, you should make the money! Also, after every 30 day period, I will take 10% of my profits (not your money) and put it toward creating a fun giveaway or other event right here on OSBot! Whether it be a raffle with prizes such as vouchers, or an in game event, the purpose is to enrich the community while also maintaining an employee-and-service-centric business model! Lastly, I know how badly service operators tend to take advantage of their workers (often times referring to them as slaves) and I 100% promise that this WILL NOT happen with me. I plan to succeed (with you all alongside me) by combining compassion for my workers and aggressive market tactics. 



Point Worthy Infractions:


Being rude with customers: 3 points. This will NOT happen twice


Being rude with coworkers: 1 point


Theft of customer items or wealth: 5 points, termination of employment, scam report, and loss of deposit


Late completion of task: 1 point


Botting tasks: 5 points, termination of employment, and loss of deposit


Advertising other services or poaching employees: 5 points, termination of employment, and loss of deposit


Any attempt at stealing jobs from the service: 5 points, termination of employment, and loss of deposit


Any proven scam report/dispute on OSBot: 5 points, termination of employment, and loss of deposit TO YOUR VICTIM (This is to combat scammers within our ranks. It will NOT be tolerated)


Missing a work day without 72 hours notice: 1 point, 500k penalty to next paid task or deposit. Whichever applies.






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