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Selling main with 92 def 97 ranged !


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- Account stats http://postimg.org/image/jebxpvypt/

 Login details  http://postimg.org/image/61yyuh03v/

- items that are worth mentioning http://postimg.org/image/mjyc4i4wl/

- 181 quest points, quests worth mentioning Desert treasure, Lunar diplomacy, roving elves.

- Starting at 30$

- Autowin 70$ / 70m

- Accepting rs07 GP or skrill, if you cant use those mentioned then ill do paypal too

- If you are not trusted enough we will use middle man

- Account status http://postimg.org/image/wj7o9rwzv/

- I am original owner and there is email registered, login of the account isnt email as the account is older.

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