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Animate Theme Compatability

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Personally, once I found out this site had Animate theme available (which can be changed at the very bottom of any page on the forum - just click Change Theme), I couldn't stop using it. It's a lot nicer IMO and easier to read many threads that are hard to read on Subway.


One thing that's a bit of an eyesore is the fact that some of the tables/pages do not have support for animate, as they are just white


Here are some examples:




That's that page on the Animate theme, now here's the subway version of the same page



Much easier to read on Subway.


Here's another occasion

Whilst sending a private message to someone on the chat, you will often find you cannot read the text due to the theme if you're using Animate



And here it is on Subway



I'm sure there are other instances of this problem on other parts of the forum, and if you know any please post :D


But this is just a little bug I thought I'd throw out there - I'm pretty sure Animate is a popular theme so it should have support for these plugins, but maybe not.



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