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What the heck?


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Okay, I need help. I have an alternative account that I have been botting on for quite some time now. I do play legit sometimes, but mostly just botting. This morning, i logged on to start botting as I normally do and I accessed my account just fine. I hit the world switcher because the world I was in was busy and I lagged and accidentally hit a f2p world. The loading screen came up and I was at the login screen. I was in a members area so I figured that was the cause. From that point, I could no longer log in. It said that my email/password combo was incorrect. I changed my password, my email, everything. I was definately 100% not hacked. I was then gone from the highscores and could not under any possible attempt log in to view my messages or account status. My account is completely 100% deleted. Has this happened to anyone else? I am very frustrated.

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I've had two accounts completely deleted like this before. It was a very long time ago but it had happened after I redeemed a bond on it (rs3 bond as osrs bonds were not out at this point and wouldn't be for quite some time). After I redeemed the bond and logged out to go log in osrs, the account was completely gone as if it was never even created.

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I just logged in on my main. The name has been changed to " [#C2K4Z6Z61]" I am very confused

This has happened to me before, you've been banned. I'm pretty sure the account is stuck in Oblivion. But nah seriously, when this happened to me I searched everywhere, and then decided to post on the Runescape forums, and they told me my account was banned. I recommend you post there under the account section or whatever it is, or it may be account help. But they'll give you the same reply. GG.

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