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So over the past two months I've managed to achieve a solid main, with two 99's, and and two other 90+ stats. 40M+ total xp, 1200+ total level. I like to think I'm a safe botter, I set the breaks to run for an hour and break for 20 minutes, and this method has been great for me, judging by how far I've come over the past two months. 


So after working a 9 hour graveyard shift I come home and start the client for the usual 10 hours I run it for. I wake up and look at the xp/hr, bank supplies etc because this determines how well the script ran over the day. I realise that the xp/hr was at it's maximum, meaning that the account RAN FOR 9 HOURS STRAIGHT. I figured as usual when the client is updated to I guess you could say "the GUI is reformatted" you have to input new break times etc. I usually always check on the log that the client will take breaks, but today was not that day. I'm expecting a ban either tomorrow or the day after.



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You'll be fine.



ur overreacting mate haha.

I would like to think I am, but the script I'm using banks 300 times an hour. It's fast paced with a lot of interactions, If I don't get banned I'll be extremely surprised.


don't worry, since you used a czar script there will be no problems regarding bans wink.pngdoge.png

Hahah I know right, you've got me this far <3 It's just the fact that it was for 9 hours, I'm pretty sure that if Jagex were somewhat competent at detecting bots something running for 9 hours with fast paced interactions would be placed under the 'suspicious category' . If anything that will get me through it's be your anti-pattern system :D


Bottom line I'm just annoyed that when the client is updated the break settings are erased. :/ 

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