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Im back! -cant stay away lol


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Hey every1. Im an old botter from 2013. 


yall know the deal,  

   I had a few accounts going back then. everything got banned *luckily not my main from 2008*  so i got discouraged for a while.  started back up playing again. checked up on the good ol' osbot. looks like its going good so here i am.


Iv noticed some new updates **thank god for mirror mode!!**. im still trying to figure out how this break system works theres like 4 options. i looked on some other pages and couldnt find a descriptive answer. if any1 could post an answer maybe break it down elmo style lol. i bought some cash and vouchers to start out. shout out to RsTUT for the help.  Wish me luck. I know a little bit too so im here to spread what i know.. 

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