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Tentacle's Dream Main. Road to 50m+ or bust.


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Hello, I'm Tentacle. Today marks the start of me letting you guys into my botting life. At the end of 80 or so runecrafting or even 91 or whatever, I'll start AFKing nmzing(guthans) until I'm maxed then  splash to 94 magic and use Czars range guild bot for my shitty range level.


My main source of income is Khal's RCing script which I usually suicide bot 20+ hours for money. I plan on stopping using the script once I reach 20m as I feel it'd be too risky to continue then with my stats and money. I'll update this thread every 2 days when I start nmzing because it's a lengthy process but here's my current networth and stats as of 7/30/2015. I'll start nmzing tomorrow or so, however.


Thank's for reading, enjoy the ride.








My wealth is hovering around 15m, almost 99 str plan to be 99 str by tomorrow then I'll move onto attack then finally defence.




After Staking my 12m with these stats and winning big at the duel arena by doubling my cash stack. I have decided that my main is too good to be botting on and I have essentially reached my goal already. Now I'll end up playing on my main legitly, thank you for partaking in the ride. I have a total of 50m,  my staking career is over now my PVM career starts. 

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