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Banned July 30th 2015


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Yeah dude, f2p accounts + non mirror get shredded

Yeah, it's crazy so quick too!


wow man

Ikr sad :\ 


gg life, see u on the other side




what time did u get banned?


I think I got banned when they were updating the game or something

gg dude, shoulda got members maybe that woulda helped.

I guess, by a little :P was trying to mine on both accounts for a bond


Wow sheet how much did you make ? Mining iron?


I had about 1.5m-2m i believe, calculated my bank on both accs + what the bot said i apparently made

I got banned too, maxed main and a 93 rc acc. lost over 300m last night due to being banned

Damn dude, that just sucks.. 300m that's insane.. I was just planning on making some cashies on these accounts and then transferring it to my pure lol :P

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