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will my main get banned?


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Hey guys I have been doing some small amounts of botting on my main account while I babysit the account and talk to people if they happen to try and talk to me. But I've been looking to start a new account that I plan on botting after a few weeks of leveling it without bots. I plan to bot pretty hard on this account as a throw away account. So what I am asking is what do i need to do to make sure this account isn't in any way linked to my main account. I've heard a lot about proxies and vpn i believe? But I have no knowledge of these. If anyone could help give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it!

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try mirror client btw

I have tried the mirror client its just a whole bunch of lag for me which I feel makes me look more like a bot completing actions much slower than I do on the normal client:/

keep them separate and youll have a better chance

And what is the best way you reccomend doing this? I'm new to botting ever since I got a very time consuming job and don't have the time to level my accounts anymore. So any knowledge you can give me I would be very grateful: )

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