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'Scammer' Feedback for a long time for no reason..


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Disputed Member:[Foed]
Why it should be removed: This feedback has been on my profile for a long time and has prevented many members from dealing with me, as they think i'm a scammer. This feedback has no evidence, no scam report link, and is written out of pure accusations. Please delete this, as I have been a member of OSBot for many years, and have never scammed anyone.
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Basically the user was given 2 accounts to quest, the user registered an email to both of those and claimed the accounts. At the time the user had no ties to his account or any value on it so no dispute was made.






I wouldn't leave a random negative feedback without reasoning, at this point I have no evidence so it would be up to the mods to decide although I would strongly be in favor of the TWC rank.






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