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AFK to Maxed


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This thread will be logging my progress of AFKing, 4 accounts to maxed CB stats



Day 1

I start at the 4 at cave bugs and afk to 50+ att and 60+ def

I was initally going to do 70 70 but its way to slow.




Low requirements

Easy to get to

Great for low levels


Very low xp/slow to get levels

cant train strength



It took about 7 days to get 60 60 on all 4 accounts


Day 9

I completed tree gnome villiage, fight arena, and vamp slayer for extra attack xp and headed to bandits,


I used my regen method explained HERE to AFK for up2 1 hour at a time.

(soz cant post link to it because its a different forum)




Really fast xp and very little effort.



Have to stay close to PC and eat every so often

Cant afk for more than 1 hour without SGS


After a while i compelted lost city for d long and got to 70+ attack





Day 13

I completed moutain daughter and splashed to 70+ magic



Cheap and 6 hour afkable


Slow xp if you use mind runes

expencive if you use higher runes





Day 15

I bought some good gear and went nightmare zone




Can AFK for a long time.

From 80 def you can afk in guthans for 6 hours+ without dying

from 90+ def you can afk in maxed melle gear for 2 hours+ without dying.

Amazing XP

Free pots/overloads/food

makes about 30-40k profit/hour when high level


Quests take around 1 hour to complete

requirements for quests take about 2 hours per account (makes it slow on multiple accounts)




I cant afford tassys yet on all accounts so just using D skirts



Stat progress





Day 17


Spent the day grinding str with sarasword its much less afk due to no shield

have to reset every 45 mins instead of every 1-2+hours





got 77+ everything then Changed up there gear, 


removed serp helm it was burning like 2-3m/day on each account (125k per hour)

so going full torags with DFS now, 



DAY 18



Still at NMZ

I have managed to sell a few more accounts and get alot more RSGP,

so I have upgraded the gear and got some more gains






Going to continue working on full bandos on the other 2 accounts and after 85 attack and def i will grind str again.

Its much harder because AFK time drops from 2-3 hours to 1-1.30 hours without a shield


Ill hopefully get to 90 90 90 by the end of the week



Day 19


Big update today.


I Grinded out 44 prayer on all 4 accounts and managed to get over the 100CB mile stone

I know its not AFK but i want prayer for a trip of bandos on the four accounts at the end


I have also changed the gear to full guthans with the treasonous ring (i) +8 stab

This allows me to afk for 6 hours with very little effort and means i can start working on more accounts while this ones max

Sadly it is slower XP so I will be doing updates every 2-3 days instead of every 1 day from now on.









Day 22

Made very little progress over the weekend, was very budy


I ended up going away with the misses on friday night and going out all of saturday and most of sunday

only got about 4 resets in (around 12 hours of training time)

got from 100 -> 102CB but very little progress


I will push it hard this week and hopefully get into the high 80s






Day 25


Just hit 105CB

only 300kxp off my first level 90, I will get that later today

I have been training alot of str with controlled xp via whip its 39/40 XP loss but Its allowing my str to catch up pretty fast


Ill probably do 1 more day with ss to even out stats then train the last few levels with whip


I think ill do 1 more update on day 30 with a final progress






Day 30

I did not spend much time resetting the accounts the past week

been really busy


but here is the progress of 1 month afking 




got 135$ for one and 165$ for the other

then took a break


Day 34

bought the remaining two accounts another bond and started back up at NMZ





1 Month review & breakdown


Time spent 

30 days, 22.8m XP gained




8 days cave bugs

easy to do 20+ with the 6 hour resets  so very efficient 

2 day of bandits

this was pointless should have went straight to NMZ where i could use overloads 

3 days splashing magic

17 days nmz (2-3 resets per day) 



I used a ghost auto clicker/macro(ghost control) to save a login cycle of the 4 accounts

making logging all 4 in take like 8 seconds

then resetting nmz takes about 20-30 seconds on each account 


Total reset time is 60 seconds for all 4 accounts

3 times per day 


So in total i spent around 90 mins on resets

120 mins questing (all 4 accounts)

120 mins on quest requirements 


TOTAL TIME SPENT 5 hours 30 mins. 







Tips and thoughts for next time


I picked the wrong quests and had to hard bosses to afk for more than 2 hours in str gear, and guthans is very slow xp.

I am going to replace fight arena (bouncer lv137) with what lies below (king ronald lv47) next set

That should allow them to run a lot longer ever reset and make progress much easier


If you have the right set up you could max out 4 accounts in 30 days with very little effort. 

or 40-50 days with only 2-3 resets per day 




Future goals

going to stay at nightmare zone now until 99 att str def 

I am currently getting 60k+ xp /hour so 90+ should take less than a week


99 in probably 2 weeks



Mini goals?



Now that i have prayer I am tempted to do Jad on all 4, with melle gear till Jad then trident

This should not be to hard at 90+ def and HP so maybe get it done next week

It would mean getting 73-75 magic but that would not take long.



I want to take them to GWD all at one time.

Completeing a few quests are required to get there, death plegue and troll stronghold

Sadly completing troll stronghold unlocks DAD the mountain troll in NMZ which will ruin my training.


So cant do that until they are all 4 are maxed melle (99 att, str, def, HP)


Bando's vs Arma?

Bandos will be easy on these accounts because they will have maxed melle stats

and should make a sweet profit from it tongue.png



I could max out range aswell or even aim for 90 or 95, then take all 4 to arma. 

Much better loots there, but much more time required to get the accounts ready


the other option is 2 make 4 more especially for arma, with 75 def and 99 range

it wouldn't take as long as I could just train to 50+ def at cave bugs then use long range in nmz


What do you think? 

please vote on the straw poll found here


or drop me a comment 




I will update shortly smile.png

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hey can you explain your nmz set up please? I don't understand how you are doing it tongue.png and is that 60kxp shared between all 4 skills?


No 60kxp on att or def,

shared xp is slower.


Im basically aiming for high defence gear and leave 1k absorption HP up every time i leave the PC then they afk for 1-2 hours before they run out of HP


the higher def the longer you last


from 80+ def you can afk in guthans for 6 hours... but its only like 40kxp/hour (10k in each stat and 10k hp)


offencive gear (bandos etc) is way better xp/hour



Hope that helps

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why not just the old guthans afk method on all account? 


probably  be easier and faster, or guthans afk till 99 def then do what your doing on just str and attack?


guthans is about 4-5 times slower xp than im currently getting.

but i do it every night when i go to sleep because it lasts longer




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Looks awesome to do it AFK.



Cheers :D

Can't wait to see how this goes smile.png



Thanks buddy

currently beasting out str with torags and Sara sword


its worse afk time with no shield but the torags is high enough def to last like 45mins with the 1k absorption points



going for 80 str now then will catch up with attack and def



hopefully get that all done today and start the grind to 90 :P

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wow..very nice idea! how much money did it take to build these accounts overall?

also what are you going to do with them once maxed?biggrin.png


The 2 bonds per account was 1.65m each so 13.2m

Then i spent about 4m or so on splashes


but i made 200-300/day on each account flipping some items

and they are starting to make a nice profit in nightmare zone.


from 90+ they will be making like 500k/day there just afking


herb boxes is 100-150k/day for the 13 (130 herbs)

the rest of the points can be spent on potato cactus or snap grass or something :P



Im pretty sure ill clear about 50-80m making them then sell for 150 each

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