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How many bots can the first package run?


I am not to sure how many the packages can run, I have never used this runescape client before. You are welcome to test the OP-VZ 1GB package out and let me know how many it can run so I may update it in my thread. If you will do this please message me in osbot chat or my skype and I can set you up a virtual server.

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did you end up testing this


Was not able to test anything other then the 1 GB plan which can run one regular client and no mirror clients, basing off that the 2 GB plan can run 2 regular clients or 1 mirror client the 4 GB can run 4 standard or 2 mirrors the 8 GB would run 8 standard and 3 or 4 mirror. You are welcome to test any packages before purchasing. 

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