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SEMaster's Amazon Refunding REINVENTED- 10%


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Hello guys, it's SEMaster from MPGH.  I would like to share my Amazon Service with the members of this website. If anyone on MPGH knows me, you probably already know that i'm definitely one of the best, if not the best refunder on there. I also have years of experience in advanced social-engineering. I SE'd companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Logitech, Steelseries, HP, Asus and many more. 


I understand that opening a service with 0 posts is pretty daft, so i am willing to do some free refunds for moderators or higher ranked members of this community. There will be three free refunds for such members so do not be afraid to ask :)  I also expect you to vouch for me afterwards. 


Please take a look at my Service down below











Refund- i get you a refund for your order and you can keep your items.


Double Dip- You get your item, a replacement for it and a refund on top of that.




Things i will need from you to refund the order:  


Your Order Number:

Your Name:

Your billing address:

Your email address:





TOS: You (the buyer) will always send the payment before I do this. You will not get a refund unless I fail your request (which is highly unlikely).
If you dispute/chargeback the payment, I will report you in the scammers grave and you will be permanently banned. If you've received a good service and you try to scam me, I will contact amazon and snake you out for being a douche; you will get blacklisted from their site and they will forward your information to their fraud teams which may contact the authorities.

If the refund/replacement fails because of your account (for example, you've refunded too many times or you have other accounts that can be linked with refunds), this is not my problem. I will not refund the payment you sent me.

If you fail to tell me important information related to the account (for example, if you used a reship, or if it was opened prior to you receiving it or if you've refunded/replaced before), or if you lie to me and this causes the refund/replacement to fail, I am not responsible and I will not refund what you paid me.

If you contact Amazon without telling me while I'm doing the refunding/replacing process, you're on your own and I will not refund what you paid me.
"I will only refund the fee you paid me IF the refund/replacement fails BECAUSE OF ME. If you've paid someone else to refund/replace and they fuck it up and you then pay me to try and fix it and I can't, that's not my problem. I've still contacted amazon and spent MY time trying to fix it."

By using my services you automatically agree to all the T.O.S that I set, I also have the right to change the T.O.S whenever I feel like it.

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