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how did i get banned?


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i got banned here recently on a new account i hadnt even botted over 5 hours total and never over 2 hours at a time only ran the bot 3 times! i was using the script dark miner, mining clay in west varrock. i wasnt using mirror mode but still thats ridiculous to think i got banned that fast are they cracking down on botting that hard?


and my last question is, is the security of my main in jeopardy? i dont bot on it never have never will but ive heard of having flagged ip adresses could mine be flagged now once i noticed i was banned i went and deleted my random.dat i dont know if that helps or not but thats what i done.

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i've got banned many times and my main is still alive, if my main gets banned im gonna take a trip to jagex studios and kill em.

whatever you do just dont login on a bot client with your main, and dont bot with it, if it hasn't botted in the past(100% legit) it won't be banned, however if you did bot on it, it might get banned

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