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so i got 2 OSRS Logins that i have remberd from when i was a kid they both have EOC stats but no old school.



First account: SOLD To Flax


then second account: Iron man

http://gyazo.com/099bf83980dfaea4e6efb04d657a9487  <---- time


http://gyazo.com/b11d62ea306f6349c14532348ba23ea0 <------- status

http://gyazo.com/7767c63783f394bc1e2fe850d368831a  <------- Status


http://gyazo.com/db221e43e2177f779937509bffb05d62 <------- log in screen


http://gyazo.com/ea6d85fb93bc7d639f4db7c9ff207b7f <----- Stats


Fresh of tut island did it by hand 0 qp 0 items




3rd account is a maxed EOC account: i want 25m for this one and link to original post






no bans on any of the accounts, the first 2 where created by my self, the 3rd on i purchased from maldesto.

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cool man, id give u them buy outs for 5m a piece smile.png

they are acctually perfect to bot on as i never did botting when i was like 12 years old so :) no black marks at all maybe a mute for being  imature on one of them i think but no botting at all was done on them :)

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