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Selling fully quested zerker + void


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Hi i'm selling my fully quested zerker & it's my own personal account.

Fully quested to 45 def including some tedious ones including in aid of the myreque, darkness of hallowvale & one small favour etc. Heroes and fremmy isles are done for yaks

B gloves, full void including all helms, rune def,torso ,c bow, ibans staff upgraded alot of untradeables

The house is perfectly setup for barrows altar & kharyll then including a second altar with glory for ease of access

Alot of time has been spent on this account it has relatively low stats so you can still add some personal preference

The ban was from botting agility, i despise agility & i got from 43-48 within a period of a couple hours and received a 2 day ban. Other than that the account hasn't been botted on and i didn't risk it again


No wealth on the acc max 1-2m junk

The original email will come with this account, no authenticator is active but their is a bank pin but if it isn't cancelled by the time this is sold i'll tell you the pin


Payment by osrs gp only, you go first or find a vmm


A/W 50m start 15m

Current bid 15m



Any questions feel free to pm me or post here.









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15m. and will you accept other accounts aswell? when you only have 6 fbs it's hard to trust you

Sorry i don't do account swaps because i'd have to sell that aswell, it's easier for me to just to do one trade. Thanks for the bid.

Edit: I know 6 feedback isn't much i have a long member date if you take that into account & i'm willing to use a mm.

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