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just an idea


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What if when you bought stuff off of the grand exchange you had the option of letting it automatically withdraw the required money for the purchase directly from your bank rather than only from your inventory, i.e. you forget to pull out the money for the purchase, it doesn't even matter then because it would just take it from the bank for you. Thoughts?

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I don't like this i didn't like pets i hated the grand exchange all we need now is money pouch and ability's and we back at RS3


Main things I don't like about RS3 were most of the graphic updates, the whole combat system, and solomon's store or whatever the microtransaction items are from. Money pouch and such isn't a big deal. GE is a game changer though, so it is a shame for people whom don't like it.

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In my opinion, the money pouch wasn't actually a bad idea. The primary reason I dislike RS3 so much is because it became almost a completely different game overnight. If you were to stop playing the game for a few weeks like I did, you came back and had absolutely no idea how to play anymore. The introduction of the money pouch was actually one update that didn't contribute to this. It's a quality of life (QOL) update that is so basic to understand that if you were to come back from a break and see that it had been implemented, it would only take you a few moments to realize exactly what it does and how it works. 


I would support something like this in Old School. 

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