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Best 1 Defence Pure gear for training

To The Stars

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Hey guys,


What is the best and most efficient gear whilst training Range as a 1 Defence pure? 


My current range setup:                        

- Robin                                                   

- Ava's                                                    

- Fury

- D'hide chaps/Vamps

- Climbing boots

- Leather body

- Sara Book

- Iron knives


I could buy an Archers ring for extra range bonuses as well. Also, is it better to train using knives/bows/crossbows? Currently 62 Range. Regen bracelet is also another option.



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Zammy book over Sara book. Zammy gives you more attack bonus, you don't realllly need those +8 def bonus when you're 1 defence.

Good idea! Thanks 


climbing boots gives no range bonus so if you can't get ranger boots get holy sandals - cheaper and give a good prayer bonus so if you're praying / flicking you'll last longer

Might try them out! Thanks

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