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Salve amulet (ei) + Full ranged void

Jorge Honores

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The salve amulet (e) page states that salve amulets don't stack with a black mask. It seems unlikely that void would stack. Though a talk page based on 2010 (before changes were made to the salve amulet) states that void melee and the salve amulet used to stack. Several other sites also state that void stacks and the black mask doesn't. It may be worth testing with max hit to confirm for the salve amulet (ei). I'd say at this point they most likely do stack in 07.

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Salve ammy ei only works on the targeted monster. (Like the center one if chinning) I thought they stacked. Check this quote from wiki boys

"The set can be used to speed up Slayer tasks when a Slayer helmet isn't a priority. For example, when fighting undead, a Salve amulet (e) can be used for Melee boosts instead of the helmet."

So yes, stackage

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