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Max Dispute

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Disputed member:@Max

Explanation: We agreed he would sell me a 9.99 voucher for 4.5m 07 gp. I gave him the money and gave me a bad code and went inactive in skype right afterwards.

Skype Chat Logs:
as you can see he removed me from his skype.
screenshot of his whole profile: http://postimg.org/image/6j533p9bz/
Proof of invalid code:
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Where did you get the voucher code which is shown on this picture?

I've also checked @Max's payment history and he NEVER bought a $9.99 voucher so either he has just scammed you or he has bought a voucher of someone else. I've notified him and he has 24 hours to post!


The "code" he gave me (437349X168313XY3YB2R4DP4) was too big for the space so it is cut off so you only see 37349X168313XY3YB2 part of the "code"

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