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[Hiring workers] Gold Farm business [Trusted member]


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I have recently started to hire workers . I am looking for users that can do huge amounts of services i.e powerleveling, questing, overtrading.


As our worker you will handle a part of the farm and get paid a monthly salary.






- At least 10 hours a week avaible.


- You must have a clean reputation.


- Have knowledge of Runescape.


- Pay the entry fee.(you get it back when you leave)


- This is a longterm job (at least 2 months).



If you think you can join Team DGS, add me on skype:






You need to agree before you can join the team. The salary will be discussed.



We have the right to decline anyone's request for w/e reasson.

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Can you give some answers to the average pay per month? How much deposit we're talking? How much work you'll be giving us, as 10 hours a week doesn't seem to much.


10 hours a week is an average, if the farm is running. If accounts get banned and need to be recreated, it will be more.


average payout will be around 400$ - month. This is depending on the method and amount of accounts we will be able to run.

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