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Friendly Dispute

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Logical and I are in the gold selling business together, well today 50m was given to us to sell for max profit from OSbot user Nike. Logical was selling the gold for 2.2-2.3 to a buyer. The buyer scammed Logical and took off with the gold. Logical has agreed to pay me back the 50m that he lost and if anything was charged back from this buyer that has bought from us before he would not be held responsible for it because it is my paypal and he was authorized to use it. So along with the rest Logical has agreed to pay me back 50m@2.17 per M or so but the problem is Logical will not be able to pay me back for a couple of weeks, this is the only problem that I am having. I am going to be paying member Nike back for the 50m tonight which is about 108$ but I will not be able to receive my refund from Logical for a couple of weeks.

        Logical is my friend as well as my partner and I really do not want to stress him out as far as getting me the money back, but it is imperative that I am payed back within days and not week. Im not afraid that he will not pay me back for I know he will but its the simple fact of the matter "time". 


Well I would like to leave this dispute here I know there is not much I can do because Logical just does not have the money to pay me back right now and I'm sure he will comment on this thread when he see's it. I do not wish for him to be TWC's or anything like that because I'm sure I am not at risk or nether is he putting anyone at risk but for the time being I have blocked him from using the business paypal as well as zopim live chat. 

     I also have some things that I need to pay for, things like website designs in which I was going to use the money I have to pay Nike back with on those updates but eh its all a stressful thing for the both of us right now. My course of action firstly is getting Nike paid back for the 50m and I will get that done today the part that is affecting me is not a priority right now but after Nike is paid back I would like for it to be. 


Well thought please. 

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