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would it be possible to make a script that accepts bond whilst splashing then teleports to a safezone? I was just thinking that it would have a relatively low chance of ban since all the script would do is react to a bond being given and then it makes splashing in pvp safer and also gives a chance of reward - this would work best if higher level spells were being casted (fire wave) because theres more chance of being targeted by these players

just an idea (i'm not a scripter so no idea whether this is possible/worthwhile)

post your opinions below!

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What.. is the idea of this script?

I can not understand.

sorry VAG i thought it was more well known, yeah what these guys said^^ 

people splash on a pvp world for 6 hours afk, but if someone trys to offer them a bond it disrupts their attack eventually so they can be killed for all their runes - however if they were splashing on the osbot client with a script running that was designed solely to accept bonds then 1click teleport so they'd make 1.5mil from the bond.

This would be more effective if they casted high level spells as they'd have around 6-7k casts of fire wave in their inventory.

But hey you're the scripter not me :P i just thought it might be a cool idea to gain mage xp and perhaps profit too :)

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I think there's a legit way to do it. Is there not a key that presses yes in the dialog box? Like 1 or something?

Just balance a TV remote off your laptop screen onto it and it should spam it (just tried it;)).

I can't remember what key it is though.

aa never thought of that yeah cos the new updates allows you to click dialog with keyboard....interesting might have to try it

thanks man!

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Btw, it turns out to be the space bar to skip dialog, so maybe turn on an auto spammer or something? Use your imagination wink.png

thanks man! its good for one account to do, eventually i might try and make a script myself for it (learn how to script first...) as i'd like to do it on multiple accounts :D

hope you get to try it  

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