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noob pkers and how they complain

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I've been seeing a lot more of this in the wild lately. What i'm talking about is when someone complains that you were safeing when it took them 20 mins to spec you.


Example 1 Dbower: *Cbows a 20 or something* Pulls out dbow, now the inner experienced pker in me said, "hey that shit's gona hurt, eat the fuck up" *eats to full because i only have 65 hp* voider: 8 8 FUCKING SAFING SHIT UR TRASH. 


Pking shouldn't be left to runescapes random number generator, like i'm not going to sit at 42 hp because if you hit a 21 21 well OK that's fair. Like no i'm going to eat.


If it takes you 20 mins to run from where you are, to where i am to dds spec me, and in that time i have enough time to file my fucking taxes, don't get mad when i out eat your 20 20. 


Noob pkers are so oblivious to the obvious. There's safing when there's no apparent danger and eating because you predicted their specs. 

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