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Just lost my closest friend of the past 3 years =(.


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I didn't really have any friends growing up until 2012 and now my closest friend is gone =(.

Even after all the issues I had to put up with in being friends with her, I tried so hard to remain friends/help her, and then she had to be a selfish jerk and ruin everything.

It's too complicated/personal to discuss in full detail but long story short my friend has cut off ties with me and everyone else for good  and is most likely going to kill herself and there's virtually nothing I can do now to prevent it. I totally get how sad she is to do something like this(I have been there too), but I can't help but feel upset knowing how much time I put in trying to help her and being one of my only friends in college these past three years I spent working nonstop. 

Sorry if I am being too emotional, I just really need to vent, and this seems like a good section to do so.

I hope everyone else is having a better day than I am.

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Spoke to Noah a little on Skype, sorry for your loss mate - As you know already and I said already, I lost my step father this year also (In January) i'm sure your friend wouldn't want you beating yourself up - Remember chin up, and remember the good times.

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