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can't run more than 1 bot?


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sorry if i've posted this in the wrong section - not sure where it would go

my osbot client won't run more than 1 tab without freezing and then 'java binary' due to high cp usage - fluctuating between 80 and 100

this was never a problem last week and the only notable things i've done on computer are download mirror client and the extra 2 files (windows 86 or something) as mirror initially wouldn't work.

could these have increased my cpu usage? as prior to this week i was able to run 2 bots no problem and i've recently purchased vip and can't really benefit from it. 

Also i can't even get onto the mirror client due to freezing and it just auto closes (presumably due to high cp usage) 

Is it my computer? i mean its very quick in terms of browsing and downloading - minimum speed is 50mgps download

thanks for reading hope you can help


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