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re dispute against bogla was vicente

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just ban him idc 


I can't ban him based on your word against his. All i am asking for is a simple screenshot of his Skype profile, if you cannot provide that i cannot do anything about it. Alls you have provided thus far is that he viewed Bogla's profile which could be a complete coincidence.

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For real?


You never added me on skype (Vicente.osbot) You just asked what i want never added me.


You refused to use mm also when i was looking for 10m.


How is this dispute against me?

He got scammed by imposter


The reason the dispute is open against you is because he believes you are the impostor. Unfortunately until a moderator comes online with access to the Admin Control Panel we will be unable to look more closely into the Skype ID and determine if it is/isn't you. You have been moved to the TWC group as a precautionary measure which we do in all dispute cases. Please be patient we want the quickest resolution for both parties.


Thanks Varc.

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forgot this capture that made me think it was vicente in the first place this was posted like 2 minutes before he added me QGywbNX.png


And that proves what?


If i recommend those for people to buy from from as i have bought from them many times?


Also why am i in twc its not my fault he doesnt ask for confirmation pm or anything and gets scammed by random imposter.


And no sorry i use my skype Vicente.osbot which you did never add me.

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