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I still use Easel, was a tool made back in like 2011-2012, still works perfectly. It looks great tho smile.png

this is like a few line of code to initialize it and its an easy and quick paint. seeing as im trying to make a few scripts. Its annoying to have to repeat / remake the paint tongue.png



ill post pics in a little

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I don't use any of these paint generators :p

I like writing my own custom class.

In my opinion, beginners should learn graphics2d then jumping out to paints a these stuff.

It's not even complex to write paints lol.

Drawing a string, placing coordinatinates, some mathematics logic.

I might post my paint class if you want ;p

I almost use it for anything.

And Easel is useful, but I would still advise people to learn custom paint class ;p

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