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Dedicated Servers (Q&A) Community Discussion

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Well now after a week of contracts and payments and a couple of racks colocated at my new, New York Center I am finally able to offer some competitive prices as far as my dedicated server go. Let me know how you guys like the specs on then and the layout/overall look of the page. 


Lately I have been getting a load of questions ranging from: 


  1. How much do you make per week business wise?
  2. How can I sell VPS?
  3. How can I sell proxies?
  4. How can I make my own website and sell servers?

So this thread will give you the opportunity not only to ask me questions but to get some answers and a starting line for any business you might want to start. 






These are pretty much high volume servers for the most part 10-15+ bot farming servers as well as dedicated hosting server for anyone who plans on ever becoming a host reseller or VPS reseller anything like this some of these servers might be good for you. Simple install SolusVM on them and start reselling. These servers are also good for users who are advanced in bot farming and need to run a pretty large farm these servers are perfect for you. 


The page is to big for me to show the RAM on the servers but they range from RAM: 8-24 GB servers and CPU from 4 cores - 12 cores. 


Some interesting things about these servers. 



They can be used for massive gold farming. 

Can be used for reselling web hosting

Can be used for reseling VPS 

Can be used for making proxy servers

They are fully unmanaged so there is a wide variety of things that can be accomplished with them. 

All server at default run 20GB on 1Bbit Port



Well feel free to post questing or anything else below you may have I'm sure I can answer then when it comes to bot farming, VPS reselling anything you might be interested in doing. 


Do not take this thread as an advertisement for my company but ask question, get ideas and better yourself if you are looking into doing anything with servers and such.

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Everything looks very good. I will 99% more than likely look to purchase a dedicated server from you within a week or two. Also a lot of ram isn't really needed to run lot's of bots. I managed to run like 12 bots on my computer and I have 16gb of ram and it was only using 40% RAM :)



Very good thread though! Thank you for this.

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