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is Mirrormode worth it?

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Well I'm wanting to bot a main account as i want to be able to do godwars and such but I can somehow avoid bans on my goldfarm while on my main I cannot. So is mirrormode worth the money and does it reduce banrate enough for me to be able to safely bot a account to decently high levels (80 plus)



I'm very aware as to the usual.


1.Don't bot on accounts you care about (handleveling bores me extremely)

2. Don't bot typical things (wcing,mining etc...) 

3. Don't suicide


Tl:dr Does mirrormode help Substantionally or is just 50/50


thanks for the advice in advance

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I'd say it help more than 50% to be honest from my experiences if you do your part as far as not making your account look like a bot, such as wearing default clothing and such you should be fine while using mirror mode. You just need to know how to do your part set your breaks stuff like that make botting as human like as possible. 

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