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Hey guys,

I am currently working on PHP & several projects.

I offer PHP, SQL, HTML5 & CSS development for your private/public site.

What I am able to do/offer:

  • Working system (admin area, worker area, client area) useful for working services.
  • Dynamic systems (PHP framework, flawless, encrypted, anti-SQL injection).
  • Install forums softwares for fees, depending on the forums software of your site (phpBB, myBB, vBulletin, IP Board Community, etc...).
  • Website designing, CSS and HTML5.
  • Install CloudFlare (useful for anti-DDoS).
  • Dynamic signatures (useful for people who run popular scripts, it saves data to your database, and retrieves data using functions, flawless, safe, encrypted, anti-SQL injection).
  • Help people who have difficulties with their site, DNS, nameservers, etc...
Why am I offering this kind of services?:

I find Web Development fun and interesting and most people don't know how to use web hosts or make dynamic systems or install softwares on their hosts, and waste their time Google'ing and then quitting without doing anything, that's why I am here.

By ordering one of the following services, you automatically accept the terms of service.

Terms of Service:

  • You will pay first and I will not go first unless you're trusted or with 100 feedback +.
  • Once payment is done, I will proceed with your order request, and give you an ETA of the product.
  • The products that I will deliver, will MENTION my developer name in the footer as you are the owner of the products. (Ex Inc&c powered by UKF)
  • The products will be customer's property once delivered to him.


Prices are negotiable.


Please contact me on skype: live:hassan-jawhar and always ask for a PM!

Best regards


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Glad to see you finally opening this, huge vouch for Hassan he does quick and efficient work very competent. Would recommend his web development and freelancing work to anyone and everyone. 


Hope everything works out in your favor mate good luck. 

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Do you have a portfolio? a GitHub acc? or any proof of the work you can do?

My site isn't up yet, I am to take it up online soon and put my portfolio as well.

I keep my projects closed, since it's closed source not open.

And yes I have a github account I didn't upload anything yet to it.

But soon everything will be up and you can pm me on Skype if you want.

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