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Tried to Sell me a Banned Account

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Then proceed to call me a scammer. I would be careful if trading with him. 


The user in question has under 100 posts, there should of been no account sale negotiation to begin with. Like @Dex said could you provide us with some proof that there was indeed a scam attempt and that the account is indeed banned. 

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Sorry i had not time to reply as i was taking exams this user is literally and idiot


before i left for school i checked the account and it was fine i told him i was going to get an mm for the deal but failed to find 1 so i went first to HIM i gave him the account details so he could login and check if everything was ok so he did and found out the account was banned i got curious and scared because i though there was no possible way it could be banned but i guess it got banned earlier it got banned after i logged out i did not know that i called him a scammer because it was sketchy but in the end no one lost anything he never gave me and sort of gold or anything he blocked me and its the end of the story this should be no reason for me to get a twc.

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