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Small Question - About Mirror Client

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So, I know for a fact I have a flagged ip.  I can run any script for any amount of hours(avg i do is like 4), and when i log out and log back in, im already banned.  My main account has not been touched but any new accounts i make are screwed. Although I would be most likely buying VIP next month regardless, would mirror client help with an issue like this?  Also I have tried other bots and still banned very quickly maybe even quicker. Just small question :D



tl;dr, Does mirror client help protect accounts that are under a flagged ip?

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I have a flagged IP for sure. I've received 30 bans easily.
Currently have been botting using mirror mode on a new pure for 2 weeks and have yet to receive a ban, no proxy or anything. 

I've also been botting around 12 hours a day. So I'd say its pretty damn safe even with flagged IP's but it might be worth it to grab a proxy just to be safe. 

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