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GeBotter leveling/GoldFarms

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Hi, I'm GeBotter/J.B/The upcoming wolf on GeSreet, or the Pablo pixelbar of OsRS GP.
    Do you know what all these things have in common? They are facts! Factual statements made not by myself but others
I believe in honest humility as well the ability to be honestly humble, and wouldn't glamorize my image to persuade ones trust
to further my personal interest. Nor would premetitate a harsh action against any other human , with this stated
I would like to introduce my "NEW Services" which will include xp gains!,GP gains!, or even IRL gains!
As most of you know I currently push a large signature with the "Frost Barrows Script" created by "FrostBug"
this last month has been a "Beta Farm" as you would call it to what I'm now in the progress of releasing, and with this project
in motion I am releasing
Gold farming service/combat skilling service
This will give you an option of either recieving
Mage/Range xp
Mage/attack xp
Mage/controlled xp
mage/str xp
mage/ def xp
mage/def/range xp
Req's for this service are
MM if you want str xp or a saradomin sword on your account
20+def 40+ for effiency 70+ for max effiency
best gear you can suffice to the account min req trident 75+ mage
if you have 61+ it will produce less profit a week.
You will get 25% of the gold + xp in the skills you want, there is a risk this is botting,
We will do this in weekly increments , you will not log on for the week, it is best to have a mule to store your gold on,
this is a good thing for those who have throw away accounts that aren't selling, or mains who want the xp and gold!
I currently have a VPS set up + proxies the security now is 10x better then this last month of botting , the chance of ban now
is far lower as of now.

Post your stats and I'll quote you with a yes or no of the account, if you don't have items pm me and we may be able to work
out a deal.
out. lele ily guys still <3

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