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Arctica - 1k off botting

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Arctica's 1,000 euro worth of RS07 Gold

Welcome to my progress thread.. Today I will be starting a midterm goal of 1,000 Euros worth of RS07 gold from botting. This will be done by multiple accounts running 24/7 on mirror mode with long breaks and wide deviations. This thread is going to be updated couple times a week. Thank's for reading this introduction..


Current progress?

Costs for starting out

VIP - 9.99

Script - 4.49

Memberships - 18.00

Private Proxy - 4.99

Private Proxy - 4.99



Money made

+6.00 Eur



Progress Images

Latest pile is the most current. 27 hours of botting.


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Not to rain on your parade, but gold farming is a very hard thing to do at the moment.


I've come to the conclusion that Jagex may not care too much about personal botting on one account at a time, as I've botted many accounts one by one and never had a ban. it was only until I botted two accounts at the same time and then traded materials over to a mule that I got slapped with 3 separate bans.


The reason I suggest they don't care too much about botting one account at a time is because they already allow AFKing and MouseKeys to happen all over the game. 


All that being said - Good luck on the $1K...however there are much quicker methods to obtain said capital. :)

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