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(Void Ranged Pure Goalzzzz) 98 Ranged 18hrs!

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Hey Osbot, I've been working on my void pure for around 1 month now ONLY using Osbot Mirror Client and Premium scripts. Im currently botting around 8-15 hours daily with around 20-30 minute breaks for every 2hrs. My goals for this pure is 99 ranged/94 magic.

List of scripts I've used:

  • CzarRangedGuild 33-70 Ranged
  • Khal Ogre 70-94? Ranged
  • Diclonius MTA 30ish-83 Magic
  • Khal PestControl




Had some internet connection issues, but still was able to get a grip of xp, next update 2moro






I wish to update this post every 1 or 2 days, until I reach my goal of 99 Ranged and 94 Magic.


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I believe Khal fixed the script to work for Mirror Client, not sure tbh, it worked with the first client releases.

Edit: Do know which script you use happy.png

I tried both of the premium ones and they get stuck at the same place because of something with NPC's. This is a mirror-mode symptom though, so i am SOL

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