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OSRS 1m/profit hr money making guide!

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I'm not going to take this guide into very high detail and I'm only sharing this with everyone as I want to put a little contribution into this website as I've been treated very good here in my short stay. Some of you may know this, most of you probably not! SO! Let's get too it. 


  • Maybe 100k too get started
  • Jungle Potion Quest
  • Tai Bai Wanna Trio Quest
  • Some good negative energy gear
  • The Ability to repeat something over and over again and not slit your wrists doing so (welcome to RuneScape)
  • A good amount of trading sticks to deposit your fish (5-30k)



Like I said, this is very EASY. Basically your objective here is to complete the above requirements and you're set! OSBuddy is very good to have as world hopping makes this much easier too do. You're going too trade Tiadeche's and buy his raw karambwan till you have a full inventory run north select the "Send-Parcel" option with (Rionasta) bank your fish and repeat. It's that simple. The profit is ten-fold as this guide is really easy I'm not going to sit here and do the calculations but it works! 

Keep in mind: the more people that do this the more the prices will fluctuate, this may not last forever. AS I SAID i'm sharing this guide because I'd like to contribute to the community here and help out as much as possible. 


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